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lonaH○uawei unveils○ new devices P■10, P10 Pl○us in BarcelonaH●uawei unveils new ○devices P10, P10● Plus in B●arcelona02-27-2017 ●08:00 BJTBARCELONA●, Feb. 26 (Xinhua

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) ◆-- Chinese ●company Huawe〓i launched in Sp◆ain's northeastern〓 city of Bar■celona on 〓Sunday the P10○ and P10 Plus ○on the occasion ◆of the Mobile ■World Congress■ (MWC).The Huawe●i P10 has a 5.1●-inch screen with● Full HD resolution ○and it is powe●red by a Kirin ○960 processor〓. With a b●attery of 3,20

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〓0 mAh equivalent● to about two■ days of battery■ life, the P1■0 only weighs 145 〓grams and has a f◆ingerprint scanne〓r at the front.■The Huawei P10 Plus ●has a 5.5-i〓nch displa○y, a 3,750 mA■h battery and th◆e same proces〓sor as the P10.Huaw■ei highlighted■ the quality of the ◆camera of both■ devices, a dua

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〓l-rear camera se■tup that is develope○d in partner◆ship with Leica.○"Our impressi○ve new Huawei P○10 and Hua●wei P10 Plu○s weave together〓 the exceptional i●maging capa○bilities of Leica■ and our stand-ou○t design and○ hardware innovati○ons," said Ric■hard Yu, CEO O■f Huawei Consumer ■Business Group.Bot○h

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Smartpho◆nes will b■e released in Marc〓h in several ma◆rkets, including E●urope, Mexico 〓or Australi■a.Huawei also l●aunched Huawe●i Watch 2 and Porsch○e Design Hua●wei Smartwatch, a 4〓G sports weareab〓le. It offer●s real time ●heart beat m◆onitoring 〓and comes with Goog○le Assista●nt.On Sunday■ several com

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pani〓es such as ZTE,● Lenovo Moto, ●Samsung, No○kia or LG ○launched t○heir new devic●es ahead of the off○icial opening of○ the MWC, the world'◆s largest event◆ of the mobi●le phone i■ndustry. Pleas■e scan the QR◆ Code to fol〓low us on Instagram〓Please sca●n the QR C〓ode to fol◆low us on Wechat●Huawei Techn


ol■ogies Co Ltd, the wo◆rld's third-●biggest smartp◆hone maker,● unveiled a new hand●set on Tuesday ○targeting mobile ga◆ming enthusiasts a●nd virtual real■ity camera l■overs.Zhao M●ing, president of ■Honor, one of t●he major brands■ of Huawei Technolog○ies Co, unveils the◆ new Honor V9 sm●artphone in ●BeiHu

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awei unveils V9◆ aimed at game ●loversHuaw■ei unveils V9 aime○d at game lovers02-2◆2-2017 16:24 BJTHu◆awei Techn〓ologies Co Ltd, the ●world's third-bi〓ggest smartphone

  • ◆maker, unvei●led a new hand◆set on Tuesday 〓targeting mobile gam●ing enthusi●asts and virt■ual reality ca●mera lovers.The○ Hono

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  • r V9 came ou〓t as the company◆'s sub-brand Hono○r said it will ■focus more on○ services and〓 new techn■ologies.That cam●e as


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the group● deals with su■rging compon■ent costs and ●competes with Sams●ung Electronics〓 Co Ltd in th●e high-end market.Ho●nor V9 comes with ●a 5.7-inch 2K scr〓een.

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Its vision and ◆sound effects ○have been 〓optimized for Onmyoj●i, a popular mobile● game develope〓d by NetEas■e Inc.Priced from 2,〓599 yuan ($3◆77) in the Chines〓e

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aranteed N〓etwork Slicing", Hu●awei Spain in

mainland market,◆ the Honor○ V9 enables ■consumers to◆ build 3-D digit○al objects.Huaw◆ei also unveiled a○ 360-degree panor〓amic camera● that can be att○ached to Ho

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a statement.In ◆the book, t●he main netw●or

nor V9〓 to shoot VR vid○eos and pictures◆.Zhao Ming, presid〓ent of Honor, said ■that although 〓online sales of ●handsets wer●e slowing do〓wn in Chin■a, he was still

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o●ptimistic about 〓China's inte●rnet-oriented smar●tphone brands."O◆ur marketing spendin●g is only ◆about one-four〓th that of our○ rivals. We c◆are more about s●e

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rvices and new tec■hnologies, 〓which will ●give us an 〓edge," he said.Xi○ang Ligang, a s○martphone expert ●and CEO of telecom● industry websit〓e, said● t

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ent ■mobile network into ●the 5G era.The arr

hat due to th●e continuing◆ depreciat〓ion of the yua●n, the cos■t of smartpho〓ne storage, displa●y and chips■ had all gone up.Ja●mes Yan, research■ director at Coun

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t○erpoint Tec〓hnology Ma■rket Resea◆rch, said Honor w■as trying to bu○ild up its brand ima●ge by strik○ing a balance bet〓ween quality and● price.Please s○can the QR

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Code to f○ollow us on I●nstagramPlease scan ●the QR Code to f●ollow us on WechatH●uawei Spain cer●tified as Top Emp●loyer for 20◆17Huawei Spain cert●ified as Top Emplo

y●er for 2017Hu

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01702-10-●2017 07:33○ BJTMADRID,○ Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -●- Chinese te◆lecommunications Hu●awei Spain ha〓s been nam●ed as one of th◆e top employe■rs 2017 by the To〓p Emplo

uct● line."5G


yers In○stitute, a global○ certificati○on company recognizi●ng

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excellence 〓in the conditions○ that employe●rs create fo■r th

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o have a lo?/h5>

eir peo〓ple.Huawei Spa●in confirmed the● news on Thursday th〓a

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t it was among 81■ companies● in Spain to rece○ive this recogniti■on on Wednesday, jo●ining a list of empl●oyers such as Ban●co Santander, R○epsol, and co●nsultancy fi

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r●m KPMG.It ?/p>

駃s the first ○time Huawei Spain h◆as been recognized?/p>

?by the award

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